Setting Values-Driven Goals that Connect with Respect

1 module

Course Length
30 mins

Paul Meshanko

23 Jan 2020



Practicing respect toward others is easier when we approach it from a personal mindset of balance and purpose in our other day-to-day activities. But this does not happen by accident. It starts with reflection and eventually must take the form of well thought out goals. Goals can be powerful motivators for each of us. When set properly, they lay foundations that help us literally become the authors of our own futures. This powerful online learning module will help participants create a roadmap leading to a set of lifetime goals that are both balanced and in alignment with their most important personal values.


  • Reflect upon and identify core personal values
  • Develop a personal definition of “success”
  • Learn a ten step approach for effective goal setting
  • Brainstorm on and prioritize your own list of top goals 


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Setting Values-Driven Goals that Connect With Respect

Setting Values-Driven Goals that Connect with Respect
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