Connecting With Respect Series

3 modules


Course Length
90 mins

Paul Meshanko

27 Jan 2020



Incorporating the latest research from the fields of neuroscience and organizational effectiveness, Connecting With Respect helps participants explore what respectful behaviors and attitudes look like and why they are so critical to business success. Most importantly, it also provides tools to help guide respectful behaviors and build a best in class workplace culture.


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Connecting With Respect

Setting The Stage For Respect
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Setting Values-Driven Goals that Connect with Respect
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Using Affirmative Reminders to Connect With Respect
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Added 7 months ago, by Brian
Added 7 months ago, by Nicholas
I felt mixed about this course. The first module felt valuable and the second and third modules felt less useful and absurd at times. The Values worksheet in particular felt poorly explained and difficult to understand.
Added 8 months ago, by Carl
Added 9 months ago, by Jed
Added 11 months ago, by Brian
Added about 1 year ago, by Chris
Added about 1 year ago, by Daniel
Added about 1 year ago, by Mary
very practical in real life
Added about 1 year ago, by Denise
The first module was excellent.
Added about 1 year ago, by REANNE

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