Setting the Stage for Respect

1 module

Course Length
30 mins

Paul Meshanko

10 Mar 2014



We all know that the right thing to do is to treat others with respect. But it’s more than that. Treating others with respect is scientifically proven to encourage trust, open others’ minds to our ideas and increase their desire to help us. Organizationally, it increases employee engagement, improves retention of your best employees, promotes better mental health and even helps reinforce great customer service.

This introductory workshop is designed to help you better recognize what respectful behaviors and actions look like. More importantly, it provides strategies and techniques you can use to improve your interactions with others to produce a respectful, inclusive and productive workplace.


  • Introduce respect as a mutually created emotional environment.  

  • Understand why respect is different from and goes far beyond tolerance

  • Explore the damages caused by disrespectful behaviors

  • Discover why words are the most powerful tool for the creation of a respectful work culture

  • Learn the 12 Rules of Respect and explore how they can improve the quality of your interactions with others


By completing/passing this course, you will attain the certificate Setting the Stage for Respect

Setting The Stage For Respect
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